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Biz Soc Media

Let us do the hard work

We take the pain out of social media marketing by branding all of your platforms including website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram and then build your online campaigns while saving you precious time and money.

Make your business stand out with short video ads or a series of clever static ads.

Use the power of social media to grow your business

First impressions are essential. People want visual content rather than text to validate their purchase and are 85% more likely to decide to buy right after seeing a product video or demo. 

Better Customer Experience

Research shows that brands who advertise on social media channels experience a higher level of customer loyalty while other studys have found that 53% of customers display greater loyalty to the brands they follow. Taking advantage of social media tools gives companies a better connection with their target audience.

Improved Brand Awareness

Every chance you get to promote your brand is preciouse and any increase in visibility is valuable. Social media networks are just new ways to raise your brand awareness and simultaneously make you more  accessible to new customers and reaffirms the brand's familiarity and recognition for existing customers. 

Increased Website Traffic

Because people spend a lot of time on their social networks it is the perfect medium for referrals and driving traffic to your website pages by engaging viewers and offering them useful, relevant content and using brand recognition.  

Easy Business Visibility

Social media channels are places where brands can act like people which is important as people like doing business with other people as opposed to companies. Because of the way content is shared and distributed on social media platforms, businesses can significantly increase public awareness by making sure the brand is in front of potential buyers in case they are looking for your services.

Higher rate of conversions

Studies show that social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate when compared to traditional marketing, and a high number of social media followers tends to improve brand credibility. As such, simply building your audience in social media can improve conversion rates on your existing traffic.

Lower Marketing Cost

Businesses can develop and use social media marketing strategies for free or by using low-cost advertising, visibility, market research and instant feedback from customer interactions and reviews.

About us

We  manage your online presence onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to mirror your website branding. Our creative department prepare static and video ads which we post on a predetermined content plan. Biz Soc Media organise and manage online competitions, messaging and contact forms. 

We can also build web sites at a low cost for small businesses. Contact us for details.

We can offer advice on SEO, Google Analytic. and assist in the implementation of a plan for these. Reports analysing all work we carry out are provided on a weekly basis.

Biz Soc Media can provide an audit of work practice on the use of cloud storage, resource sharing and your internal communications. We will then compile a stratagy for improvement as well as help with the implementation.


Social Media
Static Ads

€  100
  • Three branded ads prepared/optimised for posting across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Social Media
Video Ad

€  125
  • Two eyecatching thirty second on point branded ads in MP4 format for posting on Social Media. 

Social Media Management

€  70 per week
  • 20 posts per week across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


€  50 per hour
  • Advice and setup of SEO and Adwords, Social Media Ad placement, Cloud storage and sharing.

Social media plans include free one hour consultation


Some of our client videos below:



Biz Soc Media


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